I Am Ready To See My Mom!

Missionary Monday

November 28, 2016

Mom, you have done a really great job these last 2 years. Thanks for keeping me in line. I am really excited to see you soon. You have been a huge motivator to me. ūüôā I am enjoying this next upcoming week as you said. I will be going to the temple and a few friends will be coming to visit. I cannot find anything here in Mexico to really bring back to the house. I wish I had a little more time to bring you something back!

I am ready to see my mom!! You are expected to be the first one running up to me so I can give you a big bear hug! I miss you and love you so much!

Have an awesome week!

Elder Gibson



Do You Miss Me?

Missionary Monday

November 21, 2016

Ha -ha thank’s mom for the email this week. I am grateful hearing from you and I love to hear about the prayer from Mckell that is cool. Great to know Dakota reached out. He is a real buddy of mine. Are you thinking about me? Do you miss me? Lol! I love you a lot mom! I‚Äôm not just saying that I feel it! Proud of you!

I will plan on doing a song with the piano. (Nearer My God to Thee is the hymn.) I will ask Jordan. We can practice when I get home. Thanks.


Elder Gibson


No, I don’t think about you at all! Lol!¬† Are you good with my food suggestions? Or would you prefer something different?

Elder Gibson: Do what you feel is best. I know whatever you make is going to be great!

Salad sounds good!



Big Things Ahead For All Of Us!

Missionary Monday

November 15, 2016


Mission Tour 11-12-16

Mom, thank you for the email this week! You rock! That is awesome you are progressing spiritually. I will definitely watch the video when I get home. I’m sure it is great! I am excited for my arrival coming up here shortly. I think that there are big things ahead for all of us. I love you and things are going great!


Elder Gibson




Having A Great Time In This Area!

Missionary Monday 

November 7, 2016

Hey, mom are you available? I‚Äôm online! Reading now…

I bet your soup was delicious! I wish I could have some right about now. It’s getting a bit chilly out. Was the soup difficult to cook?

We had 3 in the church this week. Progressing well here after a long and difficult cycle with Elder Vite things are springing along in the correct direction.

Saturday we are directing a church activity with the ward and will be playing “guess who” and afterward we are hosting the dance.¬†Should be a great time with the ward, we got all the members pumped up this week wearing funny wigs and huge sunglasses to market this Saturdays fiesta. All is well with me and I am doing great. Progressing well here.

Today Elder Diaz and I went back to the old area in Neza. It was so good to finally go back to see old friends. I felt like a superstar in that area, I was waving to old friends in the streets. Ha ha!

A—-sends her love. She cried a lot today saying bye. C—- is preparing for the M priesthood and still continues to go to church on a weekly basis. We also had a really great time with Bishop Ordonez.

We are having a great time in this area and are seeing the results. I hope to get a baptism with Kersey, that would make my entire mission. Whatever comes, I will keep my head high. The Lord is on our side and is helping us out.

Make it a great week! I LOVE YOU!

Fun At The Wax Musem

Missionary Monday

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Elder G: Mom! I have to tell you something.

Mom: Ok, I’m here!

Elder G: I am really grateful for the package! Thank you! FYI all of the chips are gone

Mom: I’m so happy you got it! You‚Äôre my little minion! ūüėė

Elder G: All the Oreos are also gone and my companion and I are also very confused about the movie.

Mom: Lol! Can’t send enough I know, dang that you have to share. Uhhhh me toooooo! I think it was one she is suggesting you watch. Lol! That movie was from Suzanne.

(Suzanne was returning a video to us that she borrowed from Kell. I thought it was part of her birthday gift for Elder Gibson! Yep, it went all the way to Mexico. Wonder if he’ll bring it home? LOL!)

Do Not Stress!

Missionary Monday

October 24, 2016


Hey, mom! Thanks so much for the email and for the birthday wishes. 23 years ago, grateful to say that without you, I would not be here. You are the reason that I breathe today. Thank you!

Do not stress, everything will be okay! I will get home and we will take care of what needs to get done when I return. I will be headed out to go and see my friend Elder Rico soon. I’m glad you got to spend a little time with the family, which makes me happy. I am also glad because I’m sure your package came and I will hopefully be getting it today. Thank you for everything, do not stress about my homecoming details I will take care of it all when I get home.

Love you lots!
Elder Gibson

Mom: Ok no stressing.

Colton: How are you?????? ūüėÄ

Mom: Doing well… What are your change plans do you know?

Colton: My comp is leaving the area. I am staying here.

Mom: Are you happy about that? ūüôā

Colton: More or less. We will see what happens. I have a ton of work to do here still. The ward activity is slowly but surely increasing it seems. 1 investigator finally came to church. Yesterday my comp and I gave church talks on the spot because the other members forgot… ha-ha. It was a good talk I thought, but no one here says anything except negative comments. It‚Äôs a Mexican thing. Ha-ha-ha I have learned a lot from this awesome country. I just hope this next cycle; Elder Kersey will be headed my way. I really want to help him.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Love you guys.

Follow up:

Had a great birthday yesterday! 23 years! Thanks to goodly parents, I am here on this earth and without you guys; I would not be here today living the good life that I do. I love you rock stars. Again, I am grateful for awesome parents and mostly, the coolest sister and brother on the planet.



Last Day with the old district. 10-20-16



My District! Oct. 23, 2016


COOL Member!


B-day T!




Meeting Elder Kersey 10-25-16



(See 23rd B-day Video Clip sent home)



43 Contacts In One Day!


Missionary Monday

October 17, 2016




Elder’s Gibson and Vite


Hey Dad!

Thanks for the letter this week. Great pictures! Looks like you guys definitely did have a good time. You guys look awesome! Glad to see that the family is doing well. Sounds like you are staying busy, that is a good thing. I have been staying busy as well. Lately, things have been tough. Bottom line though is that we had a successful week because we were direct. Last week we saw little success and fell a lot. But things picked up when we went to visit an investigator G— (12 years old) his mom wants him son to be baptized. Her husband was baptized but never came to church. She explained to us that her husband didn’t want his 12-year-old son to be baptized and that it would be difficult to win his confidence. Well, we ended up still going to meet her husband and after the appointment ended, we found that her husband is a complete and total STUD. We won his confidence and friendship and G— is taking our messages and he will be baptized on my Birthday October 23rd. so that’s cool ūüôā


Vite is getting really well with his contacts. I have used positive and energetic comments to get him pumped up and focused to contact people in the streets. One day we had 43 contacts with 8 accepted which was the most we have done as a companionship. I LOVE CONTACTING. I gave him a huge hi-five after that one!

Well, have an awesome week and anytime you need anything I’m here. Love you a lot! I hope you have an awesome week!
Love your son

Elder Gibson

Ward Progressing Thanks To The Whiteboard List Of FHE!


Missionary Monday

October 10, 2016

Hey mom! Thanks for your email! Love you so much too! Guess what? I’m almost there! I sent dad a list of goals of mine.

Well, this week was pretty great; we had another awesome family home evening. Had a great time this week, even though there wasn’t success as far as investigators go, we are still continuing this ward progress thanks to the whiteboard list of Family Home evenings. We are staying close to the members and have a great connection with many. Were you able to share your testimony this week? I shared mine; I told everyone that this month was awesome because we were able to swim with the dolphins and turtles ha-ha. Then talked about my two favorite talks in conference Elder Holland and Elder Nelson.

We are staying close to the members and have a great connection with many. Were you able to share your testimony this week? I shared mine; I told everyone that this month was awesome because we were able to swim with the dolphins and turtles ha-ha. Then talked about my two favorite talks in conference Elder Holland and Elder Nelson.

This week went great, working to the extreme here yet very little success. Had a great district meeting and I am going to focus in yet again on another brutal week of exercise in the mornings, waking up on time, studying attributes of Christ and will be focusing on getting to bed every night on time.

Characteristics of Christ










What can you do good for someone this week?

Moroni 7:45-47

45 And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and enviethnot, and is not puffed up  seeketh not her own, is not easilyprovoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not  in iniquitybut rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth allthings,    hopeth all things, endureth all things.

46¬†Wherefore,¬†my¬†beloved¬†brethren,¬†if¬†ye¬†have¬†not¬†charity,ye¬†are¬†nothing,¬†for ¬†charity¬†never¬†faileth.¬†Wherefore,¬†cleaveunto¬†charity,¬†which¬†is¬†the¬†greatest¬†of¬†all,¬†for¬†all¬†things¬†mustfail‚ÄĒ

47 But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endurethforever; and whoso is  found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.

I am truly grateful for all of your charity for me. Thank you for being there at all times and for making sure I’m well taken care of always. You must know that you are the best mom a son could ask for! My #1!!!


Have a great week. Love you tons! Thank you for the email!

Your son,

Elder Gibson



This day was another good time! We found a funny group of guys messing around in the street. The older gentleman with the cowboy hat on was jamming out for money. We stuck around for a few minutes to listen, then asked me if I wanted to play. After I played a couple songs, they let us use their bikes to ride around the streets.


Elder Keyes and I agreed that the bikes were extremely difficult to handle due to its large frame size. The man in the Grey shirt (Zac) is a welder and built these bikes with his bare hands.  We later spoke to a cousin of his who showed interest in us. We plan on returning to teach her soon.


My Favorite Conference Talk..

Missionary Monday

October 3, 2016


Elder Vite and Gibson.JPG


HI MOM! What is up? Thanks for the updates and for the email! Well, you need to know I’m frustrated about the Utes losing to Cal. I’m also mad about the Chiefs going down, Alex Smith needs to step up his game! I heard the news about the Utes this morning when I went into the office to drop off mission papers. President Nebeker, told me all about the game.

As far as the flooded area, it is now completely dry. We spent a lot of time cleaning out houses but things are a lot better now. It was a fun week and a highlight of my mission, both Elder Vite and I will never forget. Luckily, we live in an upstairs apartment and floor didn’t even touch water thankfully. Our downstairs neighbors did get hit though and with about 2 inches of water is all. We helped them clean it up, I’m grateful because all of the floors here are tile floors and not carpet.

General Conference was awesome; I was able to watch conference all day on Saturday with the English-speaking Elders in the secretary office in the chapel while all the others were watching it in Spanish upstairs. On Sunday, I decided to hang out with the Mexicans upstairs and try to understand conference in Spanish, I took as good of notes as I could understand.

One of my favorite talks actually… it was my favorite was the talk of President Nelson. He is also my favorite apostle and for good reasons. His talk if you can remember mentioned Joy. I invite you to watch the talk again and apply the principles that he teaches; I know that the talk will help you to become a better woman and a more successful person.

It‚Äôs awesome that you and dad were able to go back to the mission reunion. Your story was more detailed and cracks me up about his mission companions. I‚Äôm sure it was a weird but a really cool experience for both of you. Ha-ha. How is Dad’s mission president still alive? I mentioned to dad that he may be getting older BUT because of his determination to work out and take good care of his body that will pay dividends for years and years to come. I appreciate you for reaching out each week. I will be home in no time to explain more. Love you tons! I send you my itinerary. You can thank Sister Nebeker. (I will not be flying home with Ibanez nor Turnbull) ūüė¶

Elder Gibson


I May Have Spotted Noah and His Ark!

Missionary Monday

September 30, 2016


Aside from the fact that all 3 pairs of my shoes are hanging to dry, I feel pretty awesome. This week was a huge highlight of the mission and for whatever reason only happened in MY AREA. For the past 4 days, it has rained like I have never before seen.

Water filled the streets once again but Wednesday was so bad that it got completely up to our knees. I didn’t even bring my floaties! We were literally walking the Waters of Mormon, and I may have even spotted out Noah and his Ark.

Elder Vite and I have never had an opportunity to help so many people doing services like we did on Wednesday. Lots of hard work, my back is still hurting. Many here can’t swim and were scared of the water so we carried several people on our backs, helped push cars to safety and cleaned out several flooded houses.

This week felt good because we helped so many people and didn’t focus too much on the lessons or baptizing. I feel bad because I didn’t even ask one person if they wanted to be baptized in the street. Ha-ha!

Aside from that we are averaging 2 family home evening lessons a week and are working very hard with less active families. Our investigators did not come to church this week but this week I’m making it a priority to get a taxi to their front doors.

This month of October I’m working hard to have a better diet, continue my exercises and go to bed earlier.  Elder Vite is cool; I want to help him accomplish his goals for these next 25 days in the cycle. He wants to do better at his studies, as do I. That’s all for now, pictures and a video coming your way.


Elder Gibson